VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies Continues Diesel Engine Parts, Service Leadership with Major Expansion


VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies Continues Diesel Engine Parts, Service Leadership with Major Expansion

With the VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies nearing a record 1,000 locations, its strategic growth in serving the parts and service needs of the diesel market recently took a major leap forward with the addition of 41 new diesel specialty locations.
“Building the industry’s leading network of independent aftermarket diesel specialist distributors and service providers ensures end-user customers have convenient access to reliable, quality and expert powertrain solutions,” said VIPAR Heavy Duty President and CEO Chris Baer. “We’ve been committed to this market as we continue to expand our partnerships with top engine parts suppliers and grow our footprint of distributors and service providers throughout the Americas.”

Most recently, the VIPAR Heavy Duty network added M&D, a Humble, Texas-based manufacturer, remanufacturer and distributor of diesel engine components with 41 locations. In addition to its extensive point-of-sale operations, the company is also a supplier to other VIPAR Heavy Duty distributors and the Power Heavy Duty network.

“We have been manufacturing, remanufacturing and distributing diesel engine parts from fan to flywheel for more than 80 years,” said Justin Pasdach, M&D’s vice president of sales, marketing and national accounts. “Our remanufacturing processes have been developed and fine-tuned through collaboration with our OES suppliers, using OES tools and machinery. Whether it is our own production or the Tier 1 engine components we source, our customers expect and rely on the quality and integrity of the products we provide.”

This level of commitment and innovation has helped define the integral role the independent aftermarket has in serving the industry’s diesel engine needs. It’s not just a matter of supply and demand – no single parts and service channel can accommodate the entire needs of the industry – it’s serving end-user customers with levels of satisfaction, quality and convenience that are second to none.

Power Heavy Duty member Red River Truck Repair (Sherman, Texas) is a full-service distributor and service provider that has worked on diesel engines throughout its 41 years. Owner Don Cogburn has seen the industry go through many changes, but he’s never seen a time when independent diesel specialists weren’t essential to keeping owner-operators and fleets up and running.

“If anything, there’s more demand now, as dealerships can only do so much and independents are a reliable go-to for customers running all vehicle makes and models,” Cogburn said. “There’s also customer preference and loyalty when it comes to engine work; many times a customer chooses the independent, especially if you’ve already earned their business and trust.”

The VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies’ continued growth in the diesel engine market has helped distributors and service providers expand into new areas, such as diesel specialists going headlight-to-taillight, or undercarriage specialists adding engine parts and repair to their portfolio.

To do so, it takes knowledge and experience, and that means finding the right people.

Recruiting seasoned counterpersons and service technicians – ones who know the diesel engine inside and out – is key. While their experience may command higher compensation, it will pay dividends. Access to vehicle data and diagnostics can be another challenge but, as Cogburn points out, “You can work around it. There are aftermarket tools and sometimes you need a good relationship with the local OE dealership. It may take an independent a little longer. But we make up for it with great customer service and more competitive pricing.”

In addition to resourcefulness, there are also outside resources available to independents. TRITECH Enterprises provides expert support and training for service technicians through every step of the diesel engine diagnostic and repair process.

VIPAR Heavy Duty stockholder Moreno Diesel S.A. de C.V., based in Monterrey, Mexico with 39 other locations throughout the country, is one such company who recognized a market need for quality diesel specialists and made the right investments to be a leader and continually grow their business.

“Regarding our growth, I think demand has grown considerably. We find great areas of opportunity in markets that previously did not have many diesel engine parts or service options,” said Vice President Ernesto Moreno. “We employ the best technicians and parts specialists available. We invest in facilities and in tools. We, through our VIPAR Heavy Duty relationship, provide customers with the best supplier brands that may not be available elsewhere in our regions.”

The VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies’ growth and support of the diesel engine market highlight the many successful distributors, service providers and suppliers who serve it, as well as the many opportunities that remain.

“The independent aftermarket continues to evolve as the preferred channel for truck owners requiring diesel engine parts and service, particularly as those vehicles age beyond warranty coverage,” said Jim Pennig, vice president of business development for the VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies. “Our network exceeds end-user expectations for superior customer service, convenient and competitive solutions, and parts and repairs of the highest standards. Additionally, we have more than a dozen supplier partners that provide our network with complete component coverage for medium- and heavy-duty diesel engines – tier-one parts manufactured to the highest levels of quality, reliability and performance.”

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